Editor’s note: Muhammadu Buhari, the man who was adored by many Nigerians before election, gradually turns to the president who is being blamed for all Nigeria’s problems. Some Nigerians don’t believe in change anymore. Joseph Alaibi, one of the NAIJ.com guest contributors sarcastically lists all the achievements of President Buhari, calling on all Nigerians to appreciate heaven for giving Nigeria true leadership.


Three years ago I heard a revolutionary effort of political elites to come together and oust an already existing phenomenon, I jumped, shouted, made a joyful noise as though I was in the sanctuary of the Lord. I was hopeful that the existing number has failed the conscience of the governed and there was need for change. Promises came flying in the air that London Bridge will be built in a day, and cars will now move with the aid of water.

That change was expectant and people moaned to see the possibility of what true leadership looks like. Friends, folks and loved once we no longer expect because in our very before “The Power Of Change” is trending. The price of food is cheap, Fulani herdsmen properly looked into, Chibok girls released, a meal given to school children, the economy is bubbling with possibilities, Nigeria is now the highest producer of oil in Africa etc. What more do a nation expect? Security is a thing of joy, the president works night and day to question the desires of the Fulani herdsmen, what a powerful change. What’s your take? What is the reason of complaining when a country is moving forward? Are we not ingrates if we don’t appreciate the government of the day? Are you not told the minimum wage is worth the price of rice at the price of N20,000? Are you not told that the Naira competes with the dollar at the range of 421 to 1 dollar? Why do we complain?

I no longer complain because I forced myself into the Lion’s Den, all is well today because of the position of the change agent with fine economic plans to change the hemisphere. People are unlawfully jailed, opposition party members are fought to weaken the structure, today we can now thank our stars for the genuine leader we boast of, going abroad to tarnish an already dented image, speaking plainly against the region that did not vote him.

is my fault I voted change, but we can do away with them 2019. Now I believe GEJ like a prophet he spoke the future in 2014, Nnamdi Kanu the Biafran prophet saw the future too, today is jailed and placed behind the corners of fate. Let’s arise and appreciate heaven for giving us true leadership. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of igandogist.WordPress.com Your own opinion articles are welcome at info@muzichype@gmail.com— drop an email telling us what you want to write about and why.


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