By attacking Patience Jonathan, Buhari showed that his government remains a joke – Reno Omokri


The cleric said: “Dame-Patience Jonathan has been a business woman for decades even before her husband became a Deputy Governor, so why is it okay for Mrs. Abacha to have hundreds of millions of dollars yet it is wrong for Dame Patience Jonathan to have less than $10 million?

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How much of Mrs. Abacha’s millions has the EFCC or the Buhari administration frozen? Didn’t President Buhari himself famously say that ‘Abacha did not loot’?

Yet, his administration is asking the U.S. to return $480 million Abacha money.

If Abacha did not loot that money then President Muhammadu Buhari should tell us how he made it on a General’s salary.

As long as there is one law for the 5% and another law for the 97% the Buhari administration will remain a joke and will continue losing its media driven anti corruption war in the courts of law!”

Omokri had earlier said that Buhari’s antigraft war has seen success only in the media, claiming that the corruption has failed in the courts.

He noted that: “President MuhammaduBuhari’s anti-corruption war has been more successful in the media than in the court. His economic plan is however successful nowhere. He has fared far worse in all the sectors for which he accused Dr Goodluck Jonathan of being a failure.”


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